Vision & Mission of Digvijai Nath L.T. Training College

Our Vision

Digvijai Nath L.T. Training College aspires to be model in respect of high quality in Teacher Education Courses to flourish, develope and empower the student-teacher fraternity and to foster life long learning. The well qualified and experienced faculty of D.V.N.L.T. Training College are expected to contribute immensely to the fulfilment of the educational needs.

Our Mission
Digvijai Nath L.T. Training College Encourages...
  • to develop an understanding of the principles of pedagogy and its application to curriculum transaction and evaluation.
  • to develop in students the skills and competencies necessary to play the multifaceted role of the teacher in the new millennium.
  • to provide opportunities to the faculty and the students to undertake action research projects contributing to new insights into the teaching learning process.
  • to enable the students to live in harmony with oneself and with others in the profession, community and society at large.
  • to instill the spirit of fellowship among students, to prepare them to be global citizens through cooperation and peaceful coexistence.
  • to inspire students for life long learning and for reaching the unreached.

How To Reach

Contact Details

9 Civil Lines, Gorakhpur,
Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone: +91-9451802768